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Digestive Health Research

Advancing GI Health

The doctors of Associates in Gastroenterology are involved in continual research studies regarding gastrointestinal disorders and treatment. As a researcher, he/she is interested in both your health and the health of future generations. Participating in any research study requires a physician to have two concerns: first and foremost, your personal health & well being, and second, how the study is carried out. As a patient of Associates in Gastroenterology, you may be asked to take part in a research study that is organized and funded by a pharmaceutical or medical device company.

Why Participate?

Patients participate in studies for different reasons which vary from unsuccessful current market treatments to those that want to “make a difference” for the next generation suffering with their illness.

Types of Research

Our physicians are currently conducting research related to the following gastrointestinal conditions and procedures:

  • Fatty Liver

  • Active Ulcerative Colitis

  • Active Crohn’s Disease

  • Hepatitis B

  • Colorectal Cancer

  • Colonoscopy

Qualifying for a Research Study

If asked to participate in a research study, it is because your doctor has identified you as having an appropriate medical condition. However, your ability to participate in the study will depend on the results of screening criteria and procedures.  Before you can take part in the study, it is important the you understand what the study involves.  Your participation in the study is entirely voluntary, and you may choose not to participate without affecting your relationship with the study doctor or study staff.  An Institutional Review Board is a group of people who review research studies to protect the rights and welfare of research participants.  The Institutional Review Board will approve each study and the study consent.

Participating in a Research Study

You will be given information contained within the consent for a study.  The consent is very important, it tells you what will happen in the study and what is expected from you if you choose to participate.  Read the consent form carefully and make sure you understand it.  If you have questions, the study doctor will answer them.  Once you have read the study information, and if you agree to take part, you will be asked to sign the consent form.  This form says that you have been informed about the study and give your permission to take part in the study.

Find Out if You are a Candidate

If you are interested in seeing if you qualify to participate in one of these studies, you may call Digestive Health Research at:

DHR Hermitage Office: (615) 499-4740